Private Session

Most of our important problems in life are not solved, they are outgrown. In our sessions we are looking to consciously outgrow our predicament through education and listening to our own inner wisdom. It is my intention to help unveil the answers and awareness my clients need in order to move forward and find higher expressions of romantic love.


My clients tend to be people who have already done quite a bit of self work and are now striving for a higher level of connection. Helping my clients to be present, calm, and listen to the wisdom that is in each of us is key for my sessions. Everyone’s path is uniquely different so although I have many insights into romantic relationship and love to teach, helping people tune into what’s right for them is more important to me than just giving advice. To better understand one of my main processes, please click on INTERACTIVE MEDITATION.


I am not a psychotherapist. I am a teacher and coach who provides education and processes that help people understand and experience deeper states of connection and romantic love.


Unless at a workshop, all of my sessions are done over the phone.

Your Session

In order for me to facilitate a quality session you must find a completely quiet place free from noise and distraction. This also means that no one else should be in the room as they can provide distraction. I will contact you at the time of our appointment at the number that you provide. It is important to be laying down comfortably with your phone in a place that you can clearly hear me and I that can clearly hear you- hands free. I recommend either a Bluetooth or headphones that have a microphone.


My sessions begin by me tuning in and listening to where each client is and establishing trust. In order to access the more subtle levels of wisdom that are beneath the analytical mind, I help my clients to become more present, in a relaxed, meditative state (interactive meditation). From this relaxed state, I facilitate the exploration of the issues or questions and find the answers that each person needs. Being familiar with meditation will greatly help in every area of life, including my sessions, but it is not required.


Working effectively with me requires transparency and a commitment to evolving. With that said, I will not push anyone where they are not ready to go. Please don’t hesitate to send in any questions and I look forward to working with you. I take your privacy very seriously and all information is kept confidential.

All services provided by Devon Loomis and are for educational purposes and personal growth only and should not be used in substitute for mental health services.

No service provided by or Devon Loomis should be a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. Devon Loomis does not practice medicine or psychotherapy and his services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. No service or product provided is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition.

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