Your Session

*All private sessions include "The 21 Day Game Changer" as a gift.


Your time and money are valuable and I respect that. If you deeply desire profound, authentic love and connection, working with me will be one of the best investments you will ever make.


I help unveil the answers and awareness my clients need in order to find higher expressions of romantic love. Through this process, my clients reach a deeper connection with themselves.


My clients tend to be people who have already done quite a bit of self work and are now striving for a higher level of connection.


I work with people all over the world and do most of my sessions over the phone. In addition, I see clients here locally at my office in beautiful San Diego.




In order for me to facilitate a quality session, you must find a quiet place, free from noise and distraction. This also means that no one else should be in the room as they can provide distraction.


I will contact you at the time of our appointment at the number that you provide. It is important to be laying down comfortably with your phone in a place that you can clearly hear me and that I can clearly hear you- hands free.


I recommend either a Bluetooth or headphones that have a microphone.


3 Sessions to New Clients:


Through my work, I have found that it normally takes a few sessions in order to truly see profound change.


Because of this, I ask that new clients commit to three sessions. This is not a financial obligation, but rather a personal commitment.


If you are not fully satisfied with the results by the third session, that third session is free.




If you would like to explore the deeply enriching and mind blowing space of sacred sexuality, you must first be pre-approved through a free consultation.


Forget about all those local Tantra meetups - go straight to the deep, heart based experience.


Ready for profound, authentic connection?


If you have any questions prior to scheduling an appointment, please do not hesitate to reach out to me first.  - Contact Me


I take your privacy very seriously and all information is kept confidential.


Lets get started!