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Meet the Relationship Coach
Devon Loomis The Relationship Coach

I have always processed romantic relationships differently from those around me. From a very young age I have been tuned into a deeper, more profound level of connection than what I saw being experienced in my environment and in the media.


I found it natural for me, when in relationships, to unveil anything that was blocking deep connection and resolve the issue. After over a decade of exploring more profound ways to connect and experience romantic relationships, I began working with individuals and couples - teaching them how to find higher expression and connection with themselves and with a romantic partner.


I am passionate about helping people tune into a deeper state of connection. I was teaching tantra before I knew what tantra was - including teaching instructors who have traveled to India to learn this ancient practice.


I am a very intuitive person and have a natural ability to tune into what is going on beneath the surface. I am confident that I can take people deeper into connection than they previously thought possible. Romantic relationships are one of my primary mediums for awakening and I truly enjoy helping others navigate their paths as well.

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