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Welcome to the official blog for Devon Loomis- The Relationship Coach

  • Tantra

    06 Oct Tantra – What You Need To Know

      Tantra, here's what you need to know. What it is and why you should be cautious of people teaching it.      Words are only used as placeholders for the actual person, place or thing. A tree is not actually a tree. "Tree" is......

  • 3 biggest lies about romance

    16 Jul The 3 Biggest Lies About Romance

    WELCOME!! Today we take a look at the three biggest lies that I hear circulating about romance.   1. All guys/girls cheat   Unfortunately, many of us hold a fear that we will be cheated on if we open our hearts and devote ourselves to......

  • Do women Like Sex

    26 Mar Do Women Like Sex?

    I recently posted a video about superficial sex, to which I received the following response. I choose to label this Do Women Like Sex.   The letter was very long. With her consent, I will only publish a portion of it in order to convey......

  • Serial Monogamy

    23 Mar Are You a Serial Monogamist?

    We live in a culture that heavily subscribes to serial monogamy. But, you might ask, what exactly is this serial monogamy?   Are you the type of person that prefers to be in a romantic relationship where the two of you reserve sex solely for......

  • 21 Mar 3 Ways to Deal With a Broken Heart

    First of all, dealing with a broken heart can be one of the most intense and painful experiences that we as humans will experience during our lifetime. With that said, here are three things that can help with the process.   1. Grieve   Understand......

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